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Restoring since 1986

Lifelong Porsche 911 owner, driver, enthusiast, racer and Porsche club member, Bob Morales teamed up with his long time mechanic, tuner and engine builder Farshied “Frank” Amirpanah to create ASV Motorsports, a specialized auto shop that focuses only on Porsche 911 sports cars.


Our mission is to become the best Porsche 911 specialty shop for all aspects of service, repair, maintenance, restoration and performance upgrades. Located in Huntington Beach, CA, we are centered in the heart of Southern California and surrounded by four race tracks (Auto Club Speedway, Chuckwalla Raceway, Willow Springs Raceway, and Buttonwillow Raceway) as well as some of the best canyon highways (Ortega Hwy, Mulholland Drive, Angeles Crest Hwy, Palomar Mountain Hwy.) and of course Pacific Coast Highway. Bob and his crew all own, drive and race Porsche 911’s from several generations and are true Porsche 911 enthusiasts. 

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