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Factory services, full engine rebuilds, and pre-purchase inspections.

Full-ground up, complete restorations as well as performance tuning, and mod installation.

Check out our inventory of restored and serviced Porsche 911s


We limit the number of cars we will take on for service.  We do this so we can give you and your car the best possible service and turn-around time.


You will get your car back as expected, when expected.

Vintage Porshe 911 Lineup


ASV Motorsports is a Porsche service center that specializes exclusively in 911 model Porsches, including: 901, 911, 964, 993 air-cooled, and 996 & 997.1 water cooled 911's.  That is all we do. Our staff has more than 30 years of experience working on Porsche 911 models.  If you are looking for a 911 specialist, we are one of the few that exclusively work on Porsche 911s.

ASV Motorsports is located in Huntington Beach, CA.



More than 30 years of Porsche 911 service experience.  Our highly trained techs have all the required Porsche tools and diagnostic electronics to do every job to meet factory standards. 





Our rates are in line with most other high-quality European facilities.  What sets us apart is how much quality and efficiency you get for every billed hour.  Specializing in only Porsche 911s gives us an advantage in diagnosing and repairing you 911 more efficiently than a shop that works on many different types of cars.  We get more done and get it right in every billed hour, and we only bill for our actual time working on your car.  We do not go by dealer "book" hours, or charge for extra time that we are required to fully diagnose a complicated problem.  We know 911s.

The only thing we take more seriously than working on 911s is driving 911s.  Our staff collectively owns over 20 Porsche 911's and we drive them everyday.  We are passionate and truly dedicated to these amazing sports cars.

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